Microsoft Bluetooth Mobile Keyboard 6000

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So, tax season is around the corner and I just got my RRSP returns and I was able to get some money to get myself some new toys. I wanted to get a smaller keyboard that had an ergonomic layout along with a number pad that would sit on my left hand side (to allow space for the mouse). So, I decided to get a Microsoft Bluetooth Mobile Keyboard 6000! The keyboard set looked great, the size was a bit small but all-in-all looked decent and was for once decently packaged!

Then came the hard part, actually trying to get it to work. There was an issue with pairing the devices. I was able to pair them separately and they responded well. However, every time I try to use both devices at the same time, the previous device would stop responding. For example, I was using the keyboard and I turn on the number pad, the keyboard would no longer work. The keyboard would only work after I turned the number pad off! The same was try for the keyboard if I had the number pad on first!

Took me over a few hours and could not find anything. A lot of people had posted online that the way to resolve this was to pair the devices separately. Meaning to pair one, turn it off and then pair the second one. I thought, well, sort of makes sense, why not? I gave it a shot, but knowing how computers work, it is never that easy. The problem continued to stay!

I thought back and forth and couldn't find a way until I thought, maybe this cheap Bluetooth dongle I bought at the local computer store was the issue. I went and took another dongle I had in the house and plugged it in. Right away, Windows picked it up as a Broadcom Bluetooth device and I thought to myself, well at least it doesn't say generic Bluetooth device now! Next, I re-paired the devices and guess what? It worked right away!

So in the end, it was the dongle that was causing the issue. Long story short, if you are unable to use more than one device at the same time, take a look at the dongle that you have and try to get it replaced as a solution!

Have fun!

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