A bug in Bugzilla 4.0.4

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There was a request to have a new tool custom report tool created for our Bugzilla installation so I had to re-deploy a copy of Bugzilla onto our development environment. Installation was a bit tricky with a specific Perl module (YAML) being the main issue. The install script keeps saying that this is missing:

Checking for YAML (any) not found

Checking the system, YAML is indeed installed and available. What is actually broken is the CPAN.pm file in the Bugzilla package - it doesn't require the module.

To fix this, add the YAML module into the CPAN.pm file found in the bugzilla/lib directory. Search for:

use Text::Wrap ();

And replace with:

use Text::Wrap ();
use YAML;

Running the install script now works with no errors.

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