Welcome 2013

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Hello everybody!

I'm sure there isn't a lot of people following my blog since I have taken a short hiatus. Regardless, it is a new year and of course, like all things, a new start. In the 10 months that I have been away from here I have switched jobs twice and have landed myself a contract position in a company with a well supported IT department.

I was at first petrified of the notion contract-to-hire positions. It has been two months since I started work in such a position and I have to say my hesitations and worries are starting to fade slowly. The main issue or difference which I have noticed with such a position is that there is little to no benefits. I must take care of myself both financially and physically. I understand that I should be healthy regardless but in such a position, I cannot afford to be away from work. No work means no pay, and additionally with no benefits, I must pay for any health related costs. Aside from the this, I can safely say that it feels like "just another day at work". The work atmosphere, colleagues and environment is great!

And now to 2013.

This year, I'm hoping to complete various certifications and to obtain my bachelor. I'm currently working on the CCNA via CCENT exams. I will try to focus on items which I am working with education, work and personal interests as well.

Here's to a great 2013 and many hours of learning!

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