Moving scheduled jobs from old to new Microsoft SQL Server

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Somewhat related to my previous post, I was now tasked with moving scheduled jobs from the old Microsoft SQL Server to a new Microsoft SQL Server. To do this, we generated a script within MS SQL Server Management Studio. I came up with a few issues while trying to run the scripts on the new server.

Msg 14234, Level 16, State 1, Procedure sp_verify_job, Line 243
The specified '@notify_email_operator_name' is invalid (valid values are returned by sp_help_operator).

With this issue, the operators had not be defined in the new server. A simple fix is to generate a script for each of the Operators from the old server.

Msg 8145, Level 16, State 1, Procedure sp_add_jobschedule, Line 0
@schedule_uid is not a parameter for procedure sp_add_jobschedule.

With this issue, it has to do with how the schedule id is kept in the msdb database.

select * from sysjobschedules

Running the above will show whether the new SQL server is using schedule_id (an integer) or schedule_uid (an uniqueidentifier). Update the script to reflect the correct schedule id datatype.

select newid()

Running the above will generate a new uniqueidentifier if required.

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